Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Year 7 in Arqueopinto

We are back from a great day in Arqueopinto. It was a wonderful day out with lots of activities and workshops where you did experience things I have been explaining to you in the first and second term. José and Raúl (our tour guides) did explain very well the evolution of settlements, as we did in Geography last term and other issues about different tribes and groups of people such as Celts, Iberians (Carpetanos) and Romans, as we did in History too. They gave us incredible information about the evolution of people and cultures, the same as María did in "Conocimiento del medio". Over all I think the activity we enjoyed quite a lot was watching and practicing the war techniques of Romans and when we learnt and saw the evolution of us all (humans) in this planet since 4.000.000 millions of years ago until nowadays. Here you have some pictures of our day out.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Updated information about the 3rd TERM

Most of the information about the third term is ready on the web page. Have a look on your "year tag" and you will get the information in advance about test, books, projects, etc (Year 8A History will be updated soon)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Earth hour 2014

We are talking about different physical and human geography issues through key stage 3 and 4, and as geographers and human beings we need to pay attention to our environment and look after it. Like every year I like to post information about "Earth hour" on here. Today's video is going to explain us about this global movement that began a few years ago and we could all do as a gesture to show that we really care about the environment, other people and ourselves. Do not forget that the "earth hour" should be something to be done not just one day for an hour. Watch and share!!!

More information HERE 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Birthday time!

Just a small message to give the BIGGEST THANK YOU to all the students that were involved in an incredible surprise to wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Thank you to the teachers behind it all... It is really a pleasure to be surrounded by incredible people. You are GREAT personally and professionally.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Year 8s and 11s... Energy and resources

As we are explaining in our lessons about energy and resources, the European Union is saying the importance of changing the way we are running our planet. Fighting climate change is a real challenge but it's an opportunity for our economy as well. Discover how the new 2030 goals for climate and energy will help. This video could help us to understand this project and our future much better.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Every little helps... Solidarity lids

We have been collecting plastic lids for many months already. Last Monday we were visited by Yolanda García and her son Christian. We had a very interesting chat with her and there were many questions and answers. You all seemed very touched and willing to help. I just want to remind you that as Yolanda said this is a long term project as she needs many tones of plastic to be collected to get a special chair for her son. So, do not forget to keep collecting lids everyday. I am posting on here a picture with information about the different types of lids and plastic that you could collect and bring to the school. There is a link to Christian´s facebook too. Feel free to visit and read the latest news about him.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Year 11s Leisure & Tourism

Just a quick note on here to give you this link (click on the picture)
It could be useful as case study as it is focusing on problems with tourism in LEDCs.

CLICK HERE or in the picture.